Thursday, March 18, 2010

HYPOX first annual meeting (22.-25.3.2010)

Now that the HYPOX project is almost 12 months old, representatives of all 16 HYPOX partner institutions will join for the first annual meeting in Istanbul. The meeting is hosted by the Eastern Mediterranean Centre for Oceanography and Limnology at Istanbul Technical University and will take place at the campus of the ITU branch in the Taksim area. Umut √úlgen and Zeynep Erdemz from ITU did a great job with preparations so all participants look forward to an inspiring and well organized meeting.

A lot of things were achieved during the first year of HYPOX. Several cruises were conducted, the first observatories are installed, and the first version of the data portal is online and already provides the first data measured in HYPOX. Consequently, the core part of the meeting from monday till wednesday is dedicated to reports from the different work packages (WPs). However - apart from reports on the status of the ongoing work in the respective WPs, a major goal for the meeting is to foster the links between WPs: Between the people installing the observatories and doing the measurements (WP1, 4, 6 & 7), people in charge of data standardization, sharing, and archiving (WP5) and the people that take care of modeling oxygen depletion and assessing the ecosystem response (WP 2&4).

On thursday an open workshop on the state of the art of physical-biogeochemical modeling of oxygen depletion takes place. The workshop is organized and chaired by Andy Dale and includes not only contributions from several modeling experts in HYPOX but also from Marilaure Gregoire, University of Liege, Belgium and Evgeniy Yakushev from NIVA in Norway. In parallel to the modeling workshop meetings on work package issues, benthic fauna under the influence of hypoxia, and technical issues will be held.

The participants of the 1st annual meeting

Prof. Muhammed Sahin, Rector of Istanbul Technical University welcoming the meeting participants

Entrance of the picturesque meeting venue (Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University)

Meeting program
Modeling workshop program