Friday, March 25, 2011

EUR-OCEANS Conference on Ocean deoxygenation

The EU initiative EUR-OCEANS invites contributions for a conference on Ocean deoxygenation and implications for marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems from 24.-26.10.2011 in Toulouse, France.
Abstracts submission is open until 30.4.2011.

A broad range of hypoxia related scientific themes will be covered with a strong focus being on Open Ocean deoxygenation and OMZs:
o Oxygen distribution and physical and biogeochemical controls
o Challenges of model parameterizations and predictions of O2 changes
o The past ocean: what can we learn from episodic widespread anoxia
xxthroughout the Earth’s history?
o The present ocean:
xx- Increase of coastal hypoxia
xx- Interplay between acidification and deoxygenation
xx- Implication on marine biogeochemical cycling
xxxof nutrients
o Oxygen Minimum Zones and greenhouse gases
o Change in ocean circulation and mixing and its impact
xxon oxygen distribution
o Getting into the realm of the microbial activity:
xxa functional genomic approach
o Towards new biogeochemical microsensors and networks
xxfor marine biogeochemical cycling (in situ and satellite
xxobservations; experimentations)

conference homepage
registration website
Conference Flyer
Conference Program

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